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I see the posts about imposter syndrome, and I doubt that I can add much to the conversation. Of course, that in itself is imposter syndrome.

Everyone sees the output, all the things that I’ve dared to post or become comfortable sharing. What people don’t see is the daily decisions. There is the temptation to believe the voice that says there’s no point in trying. There’s no point in doing the work. And when I am doing the work and putting it out there, there is a voice that says, that’s not me, that I’m not doing enough.

There is…

It’s finally 2021, and although we know the problems of the past year won’t magically disappear, we have a bit of hope.

When the New Year begins, we take note of endings and the new beginnings buried inside them. There are other special days like this. For me, I always see my birthday as a new beginning. There are also many different holidays that present non-Gregorian markers for the end of a cycle.

Because that’s part of the magic of New Year’s Eve, it’s a marker that a cycle has ended, even if it’s just a mathematical one. The thing…

J.M. Elam

I'm an artist and writer in Louisville, Kentucky, in love with learning and personal growth. If each year I'm a better person than I was, it's time well spent.

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